Enrollment Changes


What are enrollment changes?

Enrollment changes are changes to your schedule or course options after you enroll. These include adding a class, dropping a class, cancellation, withdrawal, changing your grading option, and changing a class unit value. Unlike in the fall and spring semester, summer tuition is calculated based on the number of units you enroll. Summer fees can be impacted by your enrollment changes. Bes ure you understand the deadlines by which you can make enrollment changes and the financial consequences these changes might have on your final bill.

Please read the information listed on the Summer Sessions website, including but not limited to the Session Schedules and Deadlines, as well as the Refund Policy pages.

Students are expected to drop enrolled and waitlisted classes they do not plan to attend (there is no “instructor drop” in the summer term, and students are automatically enrolled from the waitlist). If you do not drop a class, you will be charged for the class and are likely to receive a failing grade (F).


International student info Visiting international students seeking information about enrollment changes should visit Enrollment Changes for International Students.


How do I make enrollment changes?

Log in to CalCentral and use the options available in Class Enrollment card under My Academics.


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