Dropping Classes

You are responsible for dropping any or all classes you do not wish to attend before the refund deadline to receive refund or to prevent being charged for the dropped class. Students are not automatically dropped from a class for failure to attend (there is no “instructor drop” in the summer term).

Deadline to Drop Classes

How to Drop a Class: Log in to CalCentral and select Drop function in the Class Enrollment card under My Academics.

If you are dropping all classes in all sessions (you no longer want to attend Summer Sessions), see the sections on “Cancellation” or “Withdrawal” for more details.

Waitlisted Classes

Dropping Waitlisted Classes: Students are responsible for monitoring the waitlist status via CalCentral. If you no longer want to wait for a space to open in a waitlisted class, you must drop the waitlisted class. Students continue to be automatically enrolled from the waitlist through the second week of the session and will be charged for the tuition once enrolled.

Important Notice: Notification about the change in waitlist position or being enrolled in the class from the waitlist is only sent to the berkeley.edu account. It is strongly encouraged that a forwarding be set up from the berkeley.edu account to an email account you check daily so that you do not miss the waitlist notification.

Swapping Classes

How It Works: Swap function can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping, rather than dropping then adding, you ensure you keep your original enrollment until your enrollment in the new class is confirmed. Because swapping is a combination of adding and dropping a course, deadlines and policies for both Add and Drop actions apply when using swap function.

Important Notice: Students are encouraged to use Swap function when switching class after the deadline to receive a refund. Using Swap function helps ensure that the Summer Tuition Credit is properly applied.

International student info Visiting International Students:
If you are a visiting international student seeking any enrollment changes, please visit the Enrollment Changes for International Students page.


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