Enrollment Changes for International Students

Enrollment changes are made in CalCentral.

Important Notice for International Students: For F-1 visa purposes, visiting international students with a summer I-20 from UC Berkeley are required to maintain full-time enrollment for the entire duration of their summer session(s). You can see the full-time requirements, as well as examples, at the International Office website. If for any reason you need to drop below full-time enrollment, please speak with an adviser at Berkeley International Office as soon as possible and before dropping any unit(s).

Scheduling Conflict

You are responsible for your enrollment decisions. Time conflicts should be avoided and you should not expect instructors to routinely accommodate time conflicts in your class schedule. When attempting to add classes with a time conflict, you may or may not be able to add them depending on each class’s attribute. If you are able to enroll in classes with a time conflict, you must resolve the time conflict by changing your schedule before instruction begins. Students are encouraged to use Swap function when adding to the waitlist for a class that conflicts with an enrolled class. For additional information, please refer to the enrollment FAQ.

Adding Classes

How to Add a Class: Log in to CalCentral and select Add function from the Class Enrollment card under My Academics.

Important Notice: If you wish to add or enroll in a class after instruction has begun, it is strongly recommended that you attend the class and speak with the instructor first. While the deadline to add/enroll in classes is two weeks after the start of a session, it is not a guarantee that you can successfully complete the coursework.

If you are enrolled in only one class and want to enroll in another class, you must use Swap function to switch to another class, or add the new class first then drop the class you no longer want.

Disclaimer: Although very few courses are canceled, Berkeley Summer Sessions reserves the right to cancel a course if it has not enrolled enough students before the beginning of course instruction. The sponsoring academic department may also cancel courses based on their internal criteria.

Waitlisted Classes

How Waitlist Works: Generally, classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once class enrollment reaches its limit, a waitlist is opened. Students on most waitlists are automatically enrolled in order as space becomes available. Waitlisted course units do not count towards the full-time enrollment requirement for international students.

How to Check Status: Students are responsible for monitoring the waitlist status via CalCentral. If you no longer want to wait for a space to open in a waitlisted class, you must drop the waitlisted class. Students continue to be automatically enrolled from the waitlist through the second week of the session and will be charged for the tuition once enrolled.

Important Notice: Notification about the change in waitlist position or being enrolled in the class from the waitlist is only sent to the berkeley.edu account. It is strongly encouraged that forwarding is set up from the berkeley.edu account to an email account you check daily so that you do not miss the waitlist notification.

Swapping Classes

How It Works: Swap function can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping, rather than dropping then adding, you ensure you keep your original enrollment until your enrollment in the new class is confirmed. Because swapping is a combination of adding and dropping a course, deadlines and policies for both Add and Drop actions apply when using Swap function.

Important Notice: Students are encouraged to use Swap function when switching classes after the deadline to receive a refund. Using Swap function helps ensure that the Summer Tuition Credit is properly applied.

Dropping Classes

How to Drop a Class:Log in to CalCentral and select Drop function in the Class Enrollment card under My Academics.

Important Notice: You are responsible for dropping any and all classes you do not wish to attend before the refund deadline to receive refund of to prevent being charged for the dropped class. Students are not automatically dropped from a class for failure to attend.

If you are dropping all classes in all sessions (you no longer want to attend Summer Sessions), see below for Dropping All Classes, Canceling and Withdrawing.

Dropping All Classes (Canceling and Withdrawing)

Deadline to Cancel

What is Cancellation: Cancellation means dropping all classes in all sessions before the cancellation deadline of your first session. You will be charged the non-refundable Cancellation Fee and the International Service Fee may not be refunded.

What is Withdrawal: Withdrawal means dropping all classes in all sessions after the cancellation deadline of your first session. Tuition may be refunded if classes are dropped before the refund deadline, but all other fees become non-refundable. Please see our Fees page for the list of fees. International students who cancel or withdraw after arriving in the U.S. will lose their legal status.

How to Cancel or Withdraw

Log in to CalCentral and select “Add a Withdrawal Request” in the Student Resources section under My Dashboard.

You can:

  • Use Drop function in the Class Enrollment card under My Academics to drop all your classes except one (you will not be able to drop your last class), then submit a Withdrawal Request to drop the last class, or
  • Submit a Withdrawal Request to drop all classes in one session. Please note if you are enrolled in multiple sessions, you must submit one Withdrawal Request per session in order to drop all classes in all sessions.

If you made a mistake or changed your mind and need to re-enroll in classes, please contact Summer Sessions.

Changing Grading Options

What is Cancellation: You may change your initial grading option any time before the deadline to change grading option. After the session ends, it is no longer possible to change the grading option.

Available Grading Options

  • - Letter Grade (A,B,C,D,F)
  • - Passed/Not Passed (P/NP)
  • - Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U)

Letter Grade
This is the standard grading option. Letter-graded courses are generally acceptable for transfer credits at other universities.

Passed/Not Passed
Grading option for undergraduate-level students (those without BA/BS equivalent), including high school students. A C- or better is considered passing.

Grading option for graduate-level students (those with BA/BS equivalent), including recent graduates of college not currently enrolled in a graduate school. A B- or better is considered passing.

Most universities will not accept P/NP or S/U work for transfer credit. Please consult the appropriate office at your home campus or university before selecting this option.

Changing a Course's Unit Value

You may change the number of units in which you are enrolled for courses approved for variable units. Because increasing and decreasing a unit value equates to adding and dropping courses/units, deadlines and policies for both Add and Drop actions apply when changing a course's unit value.


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