Student Services: Transcripts

Grade Reports and Transcripts of Record

UCB Students

Current students may order transcripts online through their student portal, CalCentral, or they may order paper copies on-the-spot at Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall.?

Visiting Students

All visiting students with grades for Berkeley Summer Sessions courses can request unlimited copies of the Official Transcript of Grades from the UC Berkeley's Office of the Registrar.? ?Please make sure to request the transcript after the grades are posted. You can check your grades on an unofficial transcript by logging in to CalCentral.? If you place an order for a transcript prior to . grades being posted, those grades will not be included on your transcript.

Students need to retain their student identification number if they wish to order transcripts at any time. Please keep a copy for your records even after the term ends.

You may order an electronic or paper transcript. The mailing address and delivery options are at your discretion. Please be aware some delivery options cost more money. If you are mailing your transcript internationally, it is recommended that you select express mail so that you will receive a tracking number. There is no tracking number for first class mail.


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